WilcoHess Fleet Card

If vehicles drive your business... we can help you save money.

Specializing in delivering fleet management solutions to companies that depend on the road, we’ve poured years of industry experience and expertise into a fueling program exclusively designed for fleets engaged in local and regional travel. A world-class fleet management solution, the WilcoHess Fleet Card provides the end user with control, security, savings and simplicity.

  • Control. Limit the amount your drivers spend on company purchases while stopping or controlling unauthorized purchases at the point of sale.
  • Security. Designed with security in mind, the WilcoHess fleet card can only be used at the point of purchase and requires a four-digit driver ID for authorization. Plus,  secure management accounts are provided for your convenience.
  • Savings. Our fleet card ultimately reduces the incidence and cost of fraud. Plus, when you control the amount your drivers spend and what they spend it on, you can tailor purchase habits to fit your budget requirements.
  • Simplicity. Making fleet management easier, our cards work for fuel, additives and car wash purchases; therefore, no need to carry multiple cards. Our reports are simple and straight-forward makings it easier on you, the customer.

Accepted at any WilcoHess location of your choice, you can count on quality service every time you stop. At WilcoHess, we are committed to our customers. Our solutions prove it. Not only can we help you manage your fleet, but we can save you money in the process. Take advantage of the WilcoHess Fleet Card today and take control of your expenses.

The WilcoHess Fleet Card. Fuel for the Road.

WilcoHess Fleet Card
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Tired of tracking fuel expenses? Ready to give your drivers a safe and easy way to pay for fuel? Want to eliminate cash payments and receipts? Check out our Fleet Credit Application or call: 1-800-642-0945 / email: WilcoHess Fleet Management for more information. WilcoHess Travel Plaza Locations PDF - print one for the road!

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